Petition To Reform or Disband Crooked Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

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The Solicitor's Regulation Authority is cheating thousands of fraud victims out of justice and financial redress each year when their funds are stolen by unscrupulous solicitors. The regulator is happy to sacrifice justice in order to evade paying compensation to victims of misconduct

More specifically the SRA :-

1. Is failing to prevent, detect, investigate, intervene against, prosecute or provide redress against fraud committed by corrupt solicitors.

2. Believes it is not necessary or appropriate to establish fraud against its members.

3. Failing to intervene against corrupt solicitors when clients complain about their funds being misappropriated - this results in further client losses.

4. Concealing evidence from trial in order to mitigate penalties against their members and to limit the SRA's exposure to claims against its compensation scheme.

5. Leaving misconduct victims uncompensated by failing to facilitate redress through either professional indemnity insurance or via the SRA's own compensation scheme.

6. Failing to be accountable & transparent for its decisions, its lack of "Due Process", and acts of impropriety against misconduct victims, denying them justice & redress.

7. Maladministering its compensation scheme on account of its conflicted position, obstructive rules and its desire to conserve compensation funds.

Support this petition to act against the SRA to :-

1. Bring the SRA executives up before the Justice Select Committee for :-

i. Multiple breaches of the Legal Services Act 2007.
ii. Deceiving victims of fraud and acting against their best interests.
iii. Destroying client protection through inappropriate & unethical regulatory policy.

2. Call for SRA executives to either restore protection or tender their resignations.

3. Deny the SRA control of their compensation scheme - a privilege they are abusing and which influences them to compromise justice in order to evade claims.

4. Either reform the SRA, or repeal the Legal Services Act 2007.

Solicitor clients are not being protected or given redress against fraud. The SRA is bringing inadequate penalties and permits fraudulent solicitors to return to practice after brief suspensions to inflict more harm. The SRA is breaching its remit under the Legal Services Act 2007 to "Provide swift redress when things go wrong". 

The Legal Services Board and Justice Select Committee are in total denial.

Thank you for your support - please circulate to your colleagues, friends and family.


Colin Rimmer

PS - Should you wish to read reviews regarding what the public (and several solicitors) think about the duplicitous SRA, visit :-

PPS - Should you wish to see evidence of SRA skulduggery, please refer to this Ecohouse Parliamentary Update dated 1st October 2019. Approx. 140 MPs have been provided with the update :-