Save The Brentwood Foyer

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The Foyer in Brentwood, Essex, has provided accommodation, training, education, counselling and  support for up to forty 16-24 year olds at any one time, who would otherwise be homeless and sleeping on the streets of Brentwood for a multitude of complex reasons.  Committed and qualified Centra staff have helped to support these young people into independent, productive lives during their stays of up to two and half years. The positive impact on Brentwood of The Foyer has been huge. 

Due to financial restraints Essex County Council has redirected  Government funding away from Centra and The Foyer. It's due to close with no specific provision being left for 18-25 year olds who are not currently deemed "vulnerable" but who have very diverse, complex needs and are potentially very vulnerable.

Essex County Council should reconsider the enormous benefits the Foyer has provided to many young people from Brentwood and other towns in Essex and should rescind its decision to withdraw the funding from Centra. The Councillors of Brentwood who represent us at County level should be fighting the decision to close The Foyer. 

Since March 20 of the 40 young people have had to go into other temporary accommodation provided by Brentwood and other local Councils. Often these places are miles away from their families and friends as there's simply not enough council housing for all the many families already on Essex Councils' waiting lists. The strong likelihood is that many of those and the remaining 20 as well as the youngsters still being referred and who are being turned away,  will end up rough-sleeping on Brentwood's streets. They will be vulnerable to hunger, cold, isolation, depression, feelings of rejection, physical and sexual assault, trafficking, drug and alcohol abuse. This would be a shameful disgrace and dereliction of duty of Essex County Council.

I am a resident of Warley and have been a Brentwood Borough Councillor for nine years in total. Although I'm no longer a Councillor I still care passionately about providing support for our young, homeless people and have been very proud to have The Foyer in Warley providing such an excellent safety-net for them.  If we lose it, the emotional and psychological suffering of vulnerable young people across Brentwood and Essex will be enormous.