Stand down police offer who tripped Aboriginal teen in Surry Hills immediately!

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Would the police officer involved in Monday's incident in Surry Hills have treated a white teenager in Double Bay like this? 

Police need to answer for the use of inappropriate force against an Aboriginal teenager for talking back - speaking up is no cause for having your face slammed into the ground.

Over 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have died in custody since 1991.

There is a greater likelihood of an Aboriginal child being incarcerated than completing year 12 schooling.

Aboriginal youth are being detained at a rate 23 times that of non-Indigenous young people in the justice system. 

Up to 70% of detained children were remanded simply for breaching bail conditions, and the time on remand is getting longer and longer. In 2009 around 300 juveniles were arrested for breach of bail each month, up from about 100 in 2000. Some of these children and young people break their bail conditions because they don't have an address to be bailed to.

Aboriginal children and teenagers are 24 times more likely to be incarcerated than their non-Aboriginal peers, and more than twice that rate in Western Australia. The gap in incarceration rates has grown every year since 2010-11.

It must stop. This treatment must stop. 

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