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Urge the DEA to pick a qualified Pain Specialist as an advisor vs. an unqualified GP.

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Please urge the DEA to pick a Qualified Pain Specialist as an advisor or the future treatment of severe chronic pain patients with Intractable Pain is at risk! The DEA is relying on a Family Physician from Kaiser as their expert witness who has little or no background in treating Intractable pain making him grossly unqualified. Dr Forest Tennant MD DrPH not only has a vast knowledge as the top Pain Specialist of over 40 years but is also an Addictionologist. 

As an Intractable Pain patient who has suffered for years before becoming a patient of Dr. Forest Tennant and now has a modest quality of life because of this man's knowledge and skill set. I am deeply concerned I would suffer severe health effects based upon an unqualified person's opinion. This would be equivalent to a Proctologist being an advisor for the American Dental Association on the ill effects of gingivitis!

The DEA is using a so called "Medical Expert Consultants" to review Dr. Tennant's practice. It is a known fact that Dr. Tennant only treats those patients who have FAILED ALL standard treatments. Aside from Dr. Muzing's stated "secret wish" "My secret goal is to someday lecture to the FBI or DEA trainees in Quantico in Virginia" in his bio, the fact he is a family doctor and not a Pain Specialist should completely disqualify him from being an expert on non-standard patients. How can he adequately compare treatments for non-standard Intractable Pain Patients with rare diseases, genetic defects and injuries when he has never treated one? He wrote an Opioid prescribing guideline for Kaiser that doesn't mention what to do about those who have fail standard treatment. It is clear that the Medical Expert Consultant has no experience in treating a rare Intractable pain patient that is has failed standard treatments. Logic would conclude the DEA should have a very knowledgable Pain Specialist that has experience in standard and non-standard treatments. Please urge the DEA in picking a qualified Pain Specialist as an advisor.

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