Grow what you know: stop the spread of alien invasive garden species

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Alien invasive species is one of the top threats to biodiversity today.  Due to the increase in the human population and urbanization, escaped garden species have been identified as one of the major sources of alien invasive introductions in Ontario.  Many homeowners purchase their plants from local greenhouses and stores for their gardens, however, many of these plants are not native to Ontario and as such, present the risk of "escaping" the garden and wrecking havoc on our ecosystems.  We present two solutions to stop the introduction of alien species by creating 1) an eco-tax on non-native species sold in greenhouses or horticulture stores and 2) legislation for mandatory alien labels on all non-native and potentially invasive plants.  We predict an eco-tax and warning labels on all alien plants will deter customers from purchasing these plants at their local stores and as such, decrease the risk of invasive species introductions in Ontario.