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Support Property Freedom Say No to Heritage By Law

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Petition Against Proposed Heritage By-law

The Mayor and Town Council of the Town of Saint Andrews have passed on second reading a proposed Heritage By-law. One final reading remains.

This bylaw targets approximately 320 historic homes, and adjacent properties, for unique  treatment. Owners of these homes will be forced to seek approval for renovations and improvements to their home. No other homeowners would be subjected to this huge degree of government infringement of their individual property rights. 

To significantly take away individual property rights from a select group of homeowners requires a very compelling and substantial reason. In the case of the proposed  bylaw, the significant compelling reason for government intervention,  has not been identified. How many heritage homes have been changed in a manner that does not meet proposed criteria, indeed what are these criteria? For the past 200 years home owners have taken great pride in their homes; some historic home owners have been recognized for their great work in preserving the heritage of their home.

This bylaw will have significant economic impact on heritage home owners. Houses will be harder to sell, renovation costs will go up, and economic freedom will be lost.

 The bylaw proposes that a committee appointed by Town Council will have the responsibility of approving changes or renovations to properties designated as historic. 

A Heritage By-law staff position will be required, the cost to be added to tax bills. 

It is put to Town Council,  that there is not a problem. Heritage home owners are, without government interference, very aware and respectful of the nature of their homes.

I request Town Council to cease all action on the proposed heritage by law.


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