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On Saturday 9th December 2017, a van being pursued by Greater Manchester Police, very nearly hit a young child who was enjoying the snow on the field located at St. Matthew's Walk and Pentland Terrace.

The little girl was crouched down playing happily in the snow, and was oblivious to the imminent danger she was in. Had it not been for the swift actions of her mother, the little girl would have been hit in head, and ran over, which would have caused catastrophic injuries or worse. She later told me that one minute before, her daughter had asked to make snow angels, but because she had been unwell, the mother said no. Had she allowed her daughter to lie down, it would have been most certainly a different outcome. The mother was severely distressed by the incident, which was witnessed by myself and several other people.

For many years, the field area of St Matthew's Walk and Pentland Terrace has been plagued by a plethora of criminals who use the area to flee from police. There has been a significant rise in use of mopeds, and motorbikes that also race carelessly, particularly in the summer school holidays.

On many occasions, our children have had to run to safety, because these members of society disregard the welfare of the residents of Halliwell, and even the young children playing. There is also St Matthew's School directly facing the field, and the bikes and vehicles have been seen riding at high speeds when it is home time for the children.

In the early hours of the morning, especially in the last few months there has been cars going over the field and disturbing residents, one very recently happened around 1am, and the police sirens awoke everyone when they were pursuing the offenders.

Drivers who are too lazy to go back the main road, (we are a dead end street) also use the pathways and field to cut through, once again putting people in immense danger.

As concerned residents, we have raised the issue with Bolton Council, who told myself that they will NOT install bollards or other preventative safety measures as it costs to much, and as there have been no casualties or fatalities it was not warranted.

So, Bolton Council are failing us because they do not want to fund the measures needed to stop our children and others from getting hurt, or worse, killed.

Therefore,  it is going to take a child or an adult to be seriously injured or killed before anything is done!

As a community we are highly concerned, and are seeking help for the issue, but Bolton Council's Highways Team have denied our request, even with the backing of Police and the help of MP David Crausby.

We are appealing to all the mothers, fathers, grandparents, and anyone who has family in the area to sign our petition to make our voices heard as a community, to make Bolton Council understand the problem is only getting worse, and one day in the near future a young child will be killed.

It is not a question of if a child will be killed, but a question of when.


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