Stop me from leaving Australia

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I've been forced to leave Australia in the next 12 days. Currently I'm on my 3rd day while writing this plea to stay in Australia. I've been residing in Australia Perth for 10 years now. I've arrived in 2009 as an international student.

My plea to stay comes from the disapproval of immigration because the business that sponsored me was closed down before my application for PR was approved. I had worked for the company for 1 year. This was my second attempt to apply for my PR.

My first attempt was to finish a 2 years course in Tafe, followed by working 1 year in the selected industry and getting my English test done. But to my disbelieve, before I can lodge my application, my selected job occupation was removed from the SOL (Skilled occupational list) by the immigration department and I was affected. 

During my 10 years stay in Perth, I had applied for 6 student visas and went for 5 English tests.

My local MP, Hon Ben Morton has also written a "Letter of support" for me after hearing my case. 

SBS has also reported my case and the link is as follow:

This is very stressful for me as I've already consider Perth as my home and it will be very difficult for me to return to Malaysia because I don't have any direct family members living there and I can't speak Malay. Even though I was born Malaysian but I had grew up in Singapore as a 2nd generation PR. But when I was a teenager, I listened to a bad advice by not going for my national service. Later on, I found out that I was not able to work or study in Singapore thus separating from my family. 

I was also told that I will not be able to return to Australia the next 3 years if my ministerial intervention was refused.

By signing this petition you will be fighting to help me to stay in Australia. I've already given my best years, time and energy to Australia and I deserve to stay here. I believe in faith and humanity. I've attached here a picture of myself and Christopher Lloyd from "Back to the future" during the supernova event in Perth 2017 because I like the quote "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads." Please give me the opportunity to think big and dream big. Please help me by signing and sharing this petition. 

Kind regards

Samuel Lau