Stop Elderly Parents being separated from their children

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Meri and Iwan are respectively 88 and 86 years of age, and have two children in Australia who are Australian Permanent Residents, and grandchildren who are Australian Citizens. 

Meri and Iwan have been visiting their children and grandchildren in Australia over the years. On 30 August 2016, they both made the decision to settle down in Australia and spend the last few years of their lives being in close proximity with their children and seeing their grandchildren growing up. As part of this decision, they lodged an aged parent visa application on August 2016, sold their only family home in Indonesia and brought the funds over to Australia to spend on their retirement and any medical needs. There is nothing for Meri and Iwan to return to in Indonesia. Meri and Iwan would most likely die alone with no family if they were sent back to Indonesia.

They have spent the last 3.5 years of their lives in Australia and have grown to love this country and are mentally in a happy place knowing their family members are around them and will be with them at the time of their passing.

No one hopes to develop health related issues as they age, however, it is a reality and part of life. Iwan has developed Dementia and both he and his wife Meri currently live in a nursing home as they do require physical care beyond what the family is able to provide. The costs of the nursing home and any other medical treatment costs have all been paid by the couple from their personal savings. Specialist doctors have indicated that Iwan realistically has 1-2 years remaining in his life given the progression of his condition.

Their visa application was refused on 29 September 2019 due to concerns from the Australian government that given their health conditions they would be a financial burden on the state.

Deni is the daughter of the visa applicants and has been in Australia since 2001 as Australian Permanent Residents. In the last 20 years both Deni and her husband have been meaningfully employed and always paid their taxes to the Australian government. All Deni and her family wants is for her parents to be allowed to remain in Australia to be able to care for them in the final stages of their lives, and so when they do pass away, at least they are surrounded by family members.

The case is currently being submitted to the Immigration Minister, David Coleman, and we are asking for your support to keep the family together and to not return them to Indonesia to die alone.