Reunite Uyghur children with their parents

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I watched the Australian public television broadcaster's 'Four Corners] tonight with increasing horror. It documented how the Uyghur people in the Xinjiang region of China have been, and are being, systematically targeted by the Communist Party of China.

There are so many ways the Uyghur people need support. There are so many ways in which the Chinese Government is suppressing the Uyghur people, including the internment of adults into 're-education' camps and the demolition of many homes. I am focussing on just one aspect of this awful situation: the separation of Uyghur children from their families and placement into 'orphanages' in China.

I petition the Australian Prime Minister and Australian Immigration Minister to intervene in this situation as a matter of urgency. Please help the family members of Australian Uyghurs to seek refuge to Australia. Please petition the Chinese government to reunite the Uyghur children with their families in China.

Furthermore, please communicate, in the strongest possible ways, directly to the Chinese government and to the global community, the condemnation by the Australian people of the inhumane treatment of the Uyghur people.