Sign the Petition: Raise your voice for temporary visa holders

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Sign the Petition: Raise your voice for Temporary Visa Holders

The COVID-19 crisis has left many temporary visa holders (including international students, sponsored TSS workers and working holiday makers) unemployed and stranded in Australia.

To date, the Australian Federal Government has neglected Temporary Visa holders and excluded them from the recently introduced "special benefit" payment and more specificcally the coronavirus supplement of $550.

We implore the Government to expand assistance for foreigners trapped in Australia. Temporary Visa holders are amongst the most vulnerable in Australia and can’t be overlooked by the Australian Federal Government. 

Sponsored employees, working holiday makers and international students pay tax to support Australia and have done so for many years.

By choosing Australia as a destination for either work, holiday or study, Temporary Visa holders have created jobs in Australia.

They have worked hard in industries that Australians don’t necessarily want to work in and filled critical skills shortages and supported various Australian industries.

Meanwhile making the Australian economy culturally diverse and progressive.

We strong;y reccommend the Australian Federal Government consider including Temporary Visa holders in the following measures: 

  • Financial Grants / Special Benefits Payments
  • Early Superannuation Access
  • Medicare Access

It is paramount that at least one or all these policies are implemented to relieve the financial stress on temporary visa holders stranded in Australia. 

The target is to collect over 15,000 signatures and present them to the Federal Government officials, namely:

  • David Coleman (The Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Cultural Affairs)

It’s our duty collectively to raise the voice for Temporary Visa holders. We demand financial support is included for temporary visa holders who have contributed so much in so many ways to the Australian economy and society as a whole.