No Violent Extremism. Gavin McInnes Should be Allowed into Australia

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Gavin McInnes aka The G Man is coming to Australia on a comedy tour. The G Man is a punk rock nerd. He is a hilarious comedian. This is satire. It is about free speech. He is a loving father, hard worker and should be allowed in Australia.

The G Man is a conservative, the father of hipsters, co-founder of Vice media and Rooster ad agency.  He's an actor, author, film maker, musician and started the multicultural group, Proud Boys. In a video describing Proud Boys, The G Man says: “We should quit porn", "stop masturbating",  and "get beaten up by 5 men until you can name 5 breakfast cereals".  The theme song for the Proud Boys group is the show tune Proud of Your Boy from the hit Broadway musical, Aladdin.  

The G Man aka Cabby Innes has also said:

"I'm an ugly pig man" 

"Budweiser is the king of beers"

"'My only problem with women breastfeeding in public is they never wink back.' It's kind of the perfect joke because it's a bait and switch."

"I'm scared of snakebites - that's the origin of cowboy boots, protection - but my toes need to breathe."

“It’s hard to know what to say after you fart” 

"Can you get me a coffee Dave? I just said the word livelihood."

"The only thing my dad hates more than dogs are people that love dogs. So, sometimes I call him and just tell him about my dog's day" 

Cabby Innes' group is true to their own description: they have serially engaged in song, dance, comedy and peacefull marches since they began in 2016, and the Australian Freedom Center (AFC) has listed the Proud Boys as a diverse community of free thinking individuals.

I was born in Australia to migrant arab parents  in 1980. I have lived here all my life reaping the rewards of my parents struggles and hard work.  I believe we live in a fair, safe, secure and just society. I believe we will still live in that society when Cabby Innes visits and leaves Australia. 

The thought of Cabby Innes aka Kiefer Sutherland with AIDS coming to this country to spread love, comedy and stories is extremely exciting to me. The fact that his life stories have crossed paths with so many successful people including: David Cross, The Strokes, Jennifer Aniston, Joe Rogan, Justin Theroux, Death From Above 1979, Andrew WK, only to name a few is marveling.  Not to mention his entrepreneurial and business acumen is inspiring to many. 

I believe any Australian who cares about a fair and just society should accept this as the norm. We should make it clear that: Australia is a diverse country open to all ideas. 

Please join my call by signing and sharing this petition, and send a message:

Kiefer Sutherland with AIDS is welcome here. We will not live in a dictatorship where we are told what comedians we can laugh at, what music we can listen to, what movies we can watch, what games we can play, what poetry we can read and what art we can look at. 

With love from a free thinking Arab Australian. 



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