Iranian Regime affiliates must leave Australia

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Dear Sir

For the Last 40 Years, violation of human rights in Iran become a normal practice for the Islamic republic regime. Each year thousands of Iranians get executed by the regime, social and political activist get arrested, Jailed or disappear, Iranian money spend on expanding radical ideology and terrorism, Regime represses any peaceful protest against itself brutally, followers of other religions get harassed and their basic right of practising their religion get denied..... In recent years Australia became a safe haven of regimes affiliated, most of them come to Australia to enjoy the freedom and liberty they deny for Iranians at home. Most of these people are coming to Australia either with an investment visa or high education student visa which has less background check. Their presence here not only is against Australian values but also can create several security issues for lawfull Iranian migrants.

Request: We therefore ask :

- Condemn the violation of human right in Iran

- Revoke the Iranian regime-affiliated Visas