Help neighbourhood angels stay in Australia

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Please help the Runghsawmee Family stay in Austalia

They are the best neighbours I have ever had. I first met them when Mr Runghsamee knocked on my door asking if I wanted some cake, little did he know it was one of the worst days of my life and his act of kindness prevented me slipping into a depth of sorrow he truly was an angel for me that day. 

The family continued to often  come and bring me and my other neighbours in our street baked goods that had been left over from their friends bakery or that Mrs Runghsamee had made.  

Mrs Runghasawmee initial applications for a 187 was denied due to her reading score being 5.5 so .5 below what was needed. The second time she sat the exam it was above the 6. However due to misinformation from their migration lawyer they didn't know they should pass it and then apply, instead it was all done at the same time and so only the first score was looked at.

Mr Runghasawmee  has helped countless lives first in Mauritius where he was a Police Officer and now in Australia where for the past 10 years he has worked as a a Nursing Assistant for the elderly and has been studying to become a fully qualified nurse. 

They have an amazing 15 year old son Zayne who has lived here since ages 5 and was born in England. Should they not get the visa decision overturned and need to return to Mauritius it would put a huge strain in his schooling as he only knows English and not French.

I really hope you can help this family stay in Australia as I who am 7th generation Australian have never met such wonderful hard working people with such strong community minded values.
The Raunghasawmee a true representation of what we should all strive to be when we talk about 'Australian way of life' 'mateship'.