Help my husband to stay with his family in Australia.

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My Husband came to Australia in 2012 as a refugee. He’s not able to return to his country as he fears persecution.

I met Saeed in 2014 and in 2017 got married .we have 2 young boys together Dastin who is 3 years old and Asha who is 9 months old .

Saeed has been waiting for ministerial intervention from immigration but our letters have been rejected twice and the only reason given was that he doesn’t meet the criteria.But Saeed does meet the criteria as he has a wife and two small children in Australia to support and he really can’t return to his country.I am writing this petition because we need the minister of immigration  Mr David Coleman to grant my husband a partner visa in Australia as it’s been a very stressful 7 years not knowing if my husband will be taken away from us .we have built a life together and Saeed loves living in Australia and dream of having a beautiful life together and our children growing up happy and in a stable home .

we have been through a lot of hard times as Saeed didn’t have a working visa for over 2 years ,I was pregnant with my son when his working visa was canceled but we couldn’t give up we had to keep trying because our two little boys deserve to grow up with both parents in there lives .

I really appreciate you taking the time to read our story and hope that you would sign this petition to keep our family together.