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JobKeeper payment not to extend to International Students or Graduate visa holders

The JobKeeper package announced on 30 March 2020 by the Prime Minister does not extend to international students or graduate visa holders. Many of these people were holding down jobs and paying taxes prior to COVID-19.

Despite having worked and paid tax in Australia for extended periods of time, international students and graduate visa holders are not included in the support packages offered by the Australian Government. None of the $130 billion to be paid to employers over the next six months to keep local businesses afloat and people in work under JobKeeper arrangements will be paid in relation to international students or graduate visa holders.

International students who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 related business closures are complying with tough quarantine and social distancing laws but are not being supported in return.

Some international students may have wealthy families, but most do not. Most are working in casual jobs now affected by the COVID-19 related shut down and paying taxes. If they were cashed up, they would not be doing this kind of work.

This petition calls on the Australian Government to provide temporary assistance to all workers including international students and graduate and other temporary visa holders affected by COVID-19 until this special period is over.

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1 year ago