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Five Towns College: Petition for Resignation of William Janssen, Head of Public Safety

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Public Safety is meant to do exactly as their position states. Take care of and ensure the safety of the public, both student, and staff at five towns college. Under the direction of William Janssen, public safety has been grossly negligent in attending to the safety of the students.

William Janssen is accused of sexual harassment and indecent exposure without the consent of a female student. William Janssen and another member of public safety stood in the dorm room while a female student was topless and used their bodies to keep the door open for the rest of the hall to see inside as well. A different female student reported that another member of public safety had followed her off of campus multiple times and has been verbally harassed by other members of public safety on multiple occasions. On top of these serious incidents, students have also complained of gender-based discrimination from public safety and racial discrimination. Students have witnessed fellow minority students be treated and spoken to differently by public safety members.

There is a saying, innocent until proven guilty. It is the opinion of both students, parents, and staff that public safety treats students like they are criminals. They often deny them their basic human rights, instead, using intimidation and scare tactics. There are no female public safety officers, so how can they truly ensure the safety of the females? On top of this, the vast majority of public safety is made up of older white males, many of which are unsympathetic to the problems the minority students face.

We the students of FTC, the ones paying for these officers services believe that a new head should be put in place to change the dynamic and how public safety is run. We also believe we need a more diverse public safety with women and minorities that understand the struggles of the students and treat those of minority, disabilities or of the lgbtq+ community with the proper respect and training. It is important that the students of FTC feel safe and are treated equally and with human decency and with William Janssen in his position we do not believe this is possible. At the very least, if he does not resign or is not removed from his position he should face training on diversity, gender, and human rights to understand and guarantee equal treatment and safety of everyone at FTC.

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