Restrict use of dermal fillers to qualified health professionals

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More information about the photo

Thank you so much for signing the petition. We have close to 1000 signatures now! We’ve had some queries about the photo - here’s some more information. 

The photo is of Carol Bryan who was treated by a doctor with silicon. Silicon is permanent filler. NZSCM advises against permanent filler and few trained injectors in NZ use them. However since deregulation, there has been a case in NZ of a member of the public self injecting permanent filler.

We are fearful that deregulation will lead to more problems with untrained injectors who don’t understand the risks of fillers. Carol has agreed to the use of her image. She now campaigns for better regulation of dermal fillers and has approached the NZ Ministry of Health about this. Find out more at

Thank you for your support - we really appreciate it. 

NZSCM. NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine.
1 year ago