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 Financial benefits for injured/wounded veterans are being denied by the VA and the process can take years due to bureaucracy which discourages veterans to continue it. In many cases, veterans are denied attention at the VA hospitals especially those suffering from PTSD due to traumatic experiences while on service. In addition to the physical and mental wounds, they face financial struggles because many of them are not able to work and depend on disability benefits which are denied as well.  The consequences for many veterans are basically: homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction (including prescription drugs) and suicide, which leaves behind families and friends. In many cases, the VA does not consider suicides to be “service connected” so the families don’t received formal support from the VA. It is also, hard to believe the amount of different pills prescribed by the VA, which in many cases cause addiction.


·       Expedite the process to grant financial benefits  

·       Improve the quality of service at the VA hospitals by training the personnel so they can handle appropriately the different types of situations they face at the hospital facilities. Specifically those where Mental Health Issues are involved. Or give them the option to see private Doctor’s at the VA’s expense.

·       Hire personnel with military experience so they have a better understanding of the problems that the patients are facing.

·       A better communication between the VA and the Defense Department in regards of sharing personnel records, which would help enormously to expedite claims process. Also sharing records with private sector.

·       The VA has to grant access to personal records, access to information on the benefits that veterans have earned and how to get them, walk them thru the process instead of blocking the way to get them.

The Department of Veterans Affairs can definitely make this happen, if they keep politics out, they can help our heroes but if they don’t then we are going to keep looking at the statistics showing us that there are over 40,000 homeless veterans in America as of December 2017 and a veteran commits suicide every 22 mins, in our country, leaving behind families and friends.

I have a wounded Veteran at home, 94% disable, dealing with bureaucracy at the “VA” like any other Veteran. It is very frustrated to see veterans treated like criminals, they fought for this Country and what is this Country doing for them? NOTHING! The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs is careless when it comes to provide any kind of treatment, and discourages veterans to continue to apply for their benefits. I’m not going to seat back and allow this to happen anymore. I don’t want to change the world; I just want for my son and others veterans to get fair treatment and their benefits that they deserve. I am very tired of seeing the two faces of veterans: the one before the struggles and the one that the government is creating after their service.