Stop ACC destroying Lives

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I don't mind two failed neck fusions. I don't mind the resulting brain and nervous system damage. I don't even mind that I'm reduced to 2 hours activity per day for life. That's life, that's OK. 

However I DO MIND that ACC  made my irrecoverable condition, irrecoverably worse. That their case managers interfered and schemed with malice, and that the doctor who owns the treadmill on which my dystonia was advanced, was appointed to lead the review of my case. You can guess how that worked out!

There are thousands the same or worse than me. We all know someone effected. So please, please sign for justice for the seriously injured:  

Doctors you all have us as patients. Time you stood up for us, for ethical clinical care. 

NZ government please move all assessment, treatment and care away from the ACC, and on to the Health Ministry; and set up an independent ACC ombudsman/commissioner.

Please do these things and morality and proper ethical care will return to injury medicine in New Zealand. You are responsible for the good health of Kiwis, please act to remove the corruption and the destruction you know it causes to innocent lives.

Thank you all for your support