Change the Dates for Assoc Play Therapy Annual Conference to Accommodate Jewish Holidays

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Petition to Change the Dates for Association for Play Therapy (APT) Annual Conferences to Accommodate Jewish Holidays

The APT Annual Conference is something many play therapists look forward to attending and is an invaluable learning and networking opportunity to so many each year. Because Jewish holidays Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur (High Holidays) and Sukkot fall during our annual conferences, those celebrating these Orthodox holidays are often forced to choose between their religion and their professional responsibilities as therapists and clinicians. By altering the dates of the conference slightly, the organization can easily solve this conflict and promote higher attendance at this professional event.

 The Jewish holidays may appear randomly placed but, in fact, they fall on the same day every year on the Jewish calendar. The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar calendar. Because this calendar varies from the solar calendar, days are added to it every year or two to make up for the difference. As a result, the Jewish holidays always fall within the same month or two each year. This consistency will make moving the conference rather easy and cause minimal disruptions.

 Here's a little background on Sukkot. This festival commemorates the Biblical period of wandering in the desert and is commemorated by building a temporary shelter called a sukkah in a home's yard. Those observing Sukkot will eat meals in the shelter and at times even sleep there during the celebration.

This holiday begins on the fifth day after Yom Kippur, celebrated in late September or in October, and lasts for seven days. According to the Bible and Jewish law, this holiday is considered as important as other Jewish holidays, including Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. However, only about 10 percent of Jews follow Jewish law in this matter and abstain from work on the first two days of this holiday. Those who do observe Sukkot are not allowed to travel during this time in order to have meals in the sukkah. Those wishing to properly celebrate this holiday need help from their employers and professional organizations.

 By signing this petition, you are telling the Association for Play Therapy to take into consideration Orthodox Jewish Holidays (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot) and the clinicians who work with children and who would attend the APT Annual Conferences if they did not interfere with their religious practices.



Rosh Hashana: September 10th - 12th

Yom Kippur: September 18th & 19th

Sukkot: September 23rd – October 3rd



Rosh Hashana: September 30th – October 2rd

Yom Kippur: October 8th & 9th

Sukkot: October 14th – October 23rd



Rosh Hashana: September 11th – 13th

Yom Kippur: September 27th & 28th

Sukkot: October 2nd – 12th



Rosh Hashana: September 6th – 8th

Yom Kippur: September 15th & 16th

Sukkot: September 20th – 30th



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