The person who is in charge of making education policy in the UK should understand what it is really like to work with young people in a state school.

They need to understand what it feels like to be a full time teacher; the hours, the workload, the variety of students, the pressure to be 'outstanding' and to achieve results.

Shaping the futures of the next generation is an incredible privilege, but also carries immense pressures.  

In the current climate teachers are expected to carry this burden and dedicate huge amounts of physical and emotional energy whilst continually being castigated by the Education Secretary. 

If he really does know best, then he should come and join us! 

Letter to
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron MP
Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove
I think you should work in a comprehensive school for a term. You should undertake the responsibilities of a full time teacher with a 90% timetable and see what it's really like.

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