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To treat people with disabillities equally

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In a world where hate is dominating rapidly, people are being ignored, especially people with disabilities. We live in a world where almost everything is possible but the one thing lacking in this world is the same respect for people with disabilities as people give to those who don't. We don't get the same opportunities simply because people judge us wrongly. What are we meant to do if we cannot do everything that others can without disabilities if we don't get the opportunity? Just sit there and cry? No. We must take a stand and tell our stories to those who must make this petition happen. David Cameron said that people with disabilities would be able to participate in disabled sports clubs thanks to the Paralympics yet it's been eight months and change hasn't happened. Many people judge disabled people as 'stupid' and unable to do anything but look at Stephen Hawking, he may be in a wheelchair now but he's still what he was before and that's something people need to realise and stand up for. Also, automatically disabled people are placed in special schools simply because doctors and health advisors 'feel its best' but what about those who are able to study in mainstream schools? A disability shouldn't affect anyone. Another thing, public transport is very hard to access as some buses and trains aren't accessible with the added point of buildings. Why should we feel less important?

Change needs to happen.

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