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Britain is a country, an Island of it's own, we did not bow down to the EU when it came to changing our currency, we will not as a British Nation bow down to the unelected laws forced upon us that may take place regarding our nationality status, we as British Citizens did not elect this nor do we want it. We the British wish to remain British in our own right, not replacing our stamps of sovereignty, nor our flags with the mark of the EU. We as a nation wish to retain our own heritage at any cost and not be governed in all aspects by laws of another country. Stop selling out your own people, we must get out of the EU now to enable our country to remain British.

Letter to
The British Government David Cameron
MP Eric Pickles

Stop the EU flag being put on British Documents

Given the recent news articles, I have come to learn that many people via social networking sites and news articles, are up in arms over this latest proposal by the EU.

This is not acceptable and should not even be considered without it being voted in by the British people it is a breech of our freedom as a nation to allow another government body to dictate who we are. We are now sick of everything EU related and this just exacerbates peoples beliefs that the only option is to exit the EU and quickly.

Michele Bastiman