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Stop penalizing genuine, alternative healthcare

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Holistic producers and suppliers of natural medicines are now being put out of business by the government’s overly rigorous adherence to damning regulations that only serve the interest of the large pharmaceuticals, and not the general public – i.e. you and me.

For example, the whole range of “New Era” Tissue Salts – a range of safe, natural biochemic salts which are naturally found in the human body – has recently been discontinued due to the strict enforcement of laws which now apply to all “medicines”. Yet are tissue salts medicinal, in the sense that they are a complex drug, which can produce harmful effects or side-effects in the body? The answer is a clear no.

Tissue salts are homeopathically prepared from safe, natural and non-habit forming ingredients, unlike many medical drugs, which despite having many side-effects - some even considered to be dangerous - are routinely approved to market.

Tissue salts are made homeopathically, so toxicity is simply not possible – the concentration is microscopic, usually one part per million. Since tissue salts cannot cause harm, they should not be subject to the same stringent laws as complex medicines, and the companies that produce holistic remedies should not be subject to the prohibitively expensive tests which only big pharmaceuticals can afford. That’s not fair, is it?

The UK government, as well as seeking to dismantle the NHS, is simultaneously taking away the inherent right of its citizens to make personally informed decisions regarding their health, including the purchase of safe, alternative and natural remedies. It’s time for this nonsense to stop!

By making tissue salts subject to the same laws as medicines, the companies who usually produce them, can no longer afford to. The end result is that you and I are effectively stripped of our fundamental right to purchase natural, safe, alternative health care, since we are being dictated to by a Nanny State pandering to the entrenched interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Quietly, on Facebook and Twitter, many people have been protesting.

Now it is time to voice the quiet discontent that is growing.

Whether you believe in tissue salts, or not, the bottom line is that they have been proven to be utterly safe, as well as very effective. If they weren't, millions of people wouldn't bother to continue taking them. Yet they do.

We need to stand up and tell our government to reverse regulation that is stripping us of our right to choose how we manage our health. We need to be free to decide what is right for us, and not dictated to by a faceless authority.

What’s next – telling us that we can only buy GMO crops from the supermarkets instead of growing our own?

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