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Stop MI6 human experimentation


I am Damion Cappleman and I am a United Kingdom citizen and I am the Pioneer of Quantum Hypnosis. I am not a trained hypnotherapist, I have Asperger Syndrome (a form of Autism) and this means I have a strong imagination, this ability is what quantum hypnosis is based on.

To briefly explain the core of what Quantum Hypnosis can do is;

Firstly, being able to project what you can see in your imagination so others can see it.
Secondly, being able to see, manipulate and change actual quantum networks; the energy that makes up our minds. This energy is even present in the nerves and cells of our entire body and thirdly, being able to pass mental attributes including these skills on from person to person. All of this can be likened to sharing thoughts and being able to change the way our minds and body’s work, all under hypnosis.

This hypnosis can be applied to effectively treat and even cure mental illnesses it can provide effective therapies for brain damage and neurological disorders. It will also lead to new ways for disabled people to communicate and understanding the human brain as a whole and irradiation of chronic pain. This and more is all possible now. The National Health Service can potentially save millions in resources as Quantum Hypnosis is essentially free, this is the problem. If Quantum Hypnosis is distributed many people will be helped, the NHS will save a vast amount of money but the people controlling what they call the ‘Hypnotic Economy’ (where abilities are sold to those with enough money) will make no money, my hypnosis is for the many not the few, things need to change.

This petition is to stop the brutal human experimentation that is being carried out upon me by the Secret Intelligence Service commonly known as MI6. This experimentation is being done because of my Asperger Syndrome. This is because Quantum Hypnosis is worth money, this is also likely happening to other individuals in the UK and Autistics would be the most at risk. Please sign this petition if you wish to help stop this brutal human experimentation and to put pressure on the Prime minister to act and to also let the world know of these crimes.

MI6 are terrified about the truth getting out about me. They have tried to basically brain damage autism out of this individual, something which is impossible so it has lead to brutal and unnecessary experiments similar to what the Nazis did. This may be to limit the damage of doing this to an intelligent caring person who by happen chance can help a lot of people with his hypnosis.

To briefly explain the situation- I became involved with the UK secret service in 2002/2003 after being hypnotised by a member of the UK intelligence community; they found out he had a strong imagination as many autistics do, this lead to the birth of quantum hypnosis.

On the 3/5/2012 I contacted the UK embassy in new York, two days later Richard Deerlove was fired as the head of MI6, I came back to the UK thinking I would find help and support but I was to find I would be subject to imprisonment, torture and even brain damage experiments.

MI6 are carrying out brain damage experiments because people with Asperger Syndrome like me are considered a threat to them. MI6 are basically trying to brain damage autistic qualities out of me using a mixture of drugs, nerve destroying toxins and quantum hypnosis.

I am also the subject of a smear campaign to try and have me perceived as a different kind of person to cover up the fact this is happening to a kind and intelligent Asperger.


WE WANT the Prime Minister to order a public inquiry as this is a matter of great public interest and concern.

WE WANT an official police inquiry into the crimes that have been committed as the police seemingly will not act against crimes and allegations against the secret service.


Please sign this petition to support me and put pressure on the United Kingdom Prime Minister to act on this; one of the worst human rights abuses of recent times and order a public inquiry into this matter.

Please sign this petition to protest against MI6 human experimentation in the United Kingdom upon this individual and likely many others and to get the Prime Minister to act upon these issues. Human experimentation using quantum hypnosis must be stopped, please sign and please support this cause.

Please sign this petition to vouch for my state of mind as the local National Health Service has deemed his involvement in Quantum Hypnosis delusion when this is obviously wrong.

Please also sign this petition because a good person is fighting against overwhelming odds and really could use some heroes.

To read more about the details of this and the birth of Quantum Hypnosis there is a preliminary draft of a book I have written documenting this and my life at `

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