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Restore the Royal Yacht Britannia to Her Majesty the Queen.

TO: Her Majesty the Queen's loyal subjects, the people and electorate of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Following the Labour party’s victory on 1 May 1997 it was suddenly and unexpectedly announced that the Royal Yacht Britannia would be retired and NO replacement would be built. A VICIOUS, POINTLESS, UNDEMOCRATIC AND UNNECESSARY POLITICAL ACT.

Her Majesty the Queen was reported to have wept at the decommissioning ceremony, which she attended along with most of the senior members of the Royal Family.

The Royal Yacht Britannia, during her career, conveyed the Queen, other members of the Royal Family, and various dignitaries on 696 foreign visits and 272 visits in British waters. In this time Britannia steamed over 1 MILLION miles and helped enormously to maintain Britain’s standing on the world stage, in terms of both status and commercial benefits.

When decommissioning and cancelling the replacement of Britannia, the Labour government opined that the expenditure (which was minute in relation to the overall defence spending) could not be justified given the other pressures on the defence budget (from which it would be funded and maintained).

Please support this petition to give our Queen a very special present on her Diamond Jubilee, return of her much loved Britannia.

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