Please accept Galiza as an integral part of United Kingdom when Scotland becomes independent

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Please accept Galiza as an integral part of United Kingdom when Scotland becomes independent

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Antonio Formoso Cores started this petition to David Cameron (Prime Minister of United Kingdom) and

We Galicians are aware of the fact that Scotland may become independent in 2014 and that this issue is worrying you. You needn't think of a solution to this challenge because we have found an innovative proposal that you won't be able to refuse:

We propose you to accept Galiza as an integral part of the United Kingdom.

This may come as a surprise to you but Galiza is also a Celtic nation in the northwest of Spain. With us on board you won't miss the following: 

  • Scottish pipes: we have our own.
  • Celtic of Glasgow: we have Celta Vigo
  • An amazing landscape, we have that too
  • Scottish clans, we have plenty of them (caciques are included)
  • Our people like their drinks as Scots do
  • We have a vibrant cultural and music scene
  • In Galiza it also rains a lot
  • We have a strong identity like Scottish people do.
  • We are also an Atlantic country
  • Flags of both countries have similar colours
  • We also have some stingy people.
  • Santiago of Compostela is our Edinburgh

With Galicians as part of the UK, you will gain the following:

  • Hard-working people
  • Galician people accent (in English) is easier to understand than the Scottish accent
  • If you leave us alone, we won't bother you
  • Lovely food and drinks (e.g. cozido instead of haggies, licor cafe instead of whisky, etc.)
  • We speak the most spoken Roman languages of the world: Portuguese (Galician) and Spanish (Galician). We are able to communicate with both Brazil and Mexico using our two languages.
  • Milder weather than in Scotland
  • We share a similar sense of humour with British people (“retranca” is the Galician irony)
  • British economy will improve with our fishing industry, textile (e.g. Zara), cultural tourism (The Way of St James), best beach of the world (Praia de Rodas, Ilhas Cies ,Vigo).
  • Our seafood is worldwide famous (mussels, oysters, lobsters, etc.)

We look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards

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This petition had 2,335 supporters

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