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David Cameron Out : Call For An Early General Election

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There are many reasons why I would like to see this happen, but I will summarise by making a few points that I feel are important, and that I feel the majority of people can understand and relate to.

1) We have an unelected Prime Minister. 

2) This government has failed to live up to any of it's promises on the economy. The country is in turmoil. Clearly Mr Cameron is taking what little the poor have to benefit a small rich majority at the top. While people struggle between a choice of food on the table or heating their home, millionaires such as the chancellor refuse to pay for a first class ticket when boarding a train, and until recently even have the audacity to claim child benefit while cutting the benefit of those who need it. There are many policies the government have brought into place that are not only detrimental to the lowest earners in society, but to the stability, progression and infrastructure to the nation as a whole. To be quite honest it is about time someone stood up and said enough is enough - I know I am not the only one who feels this way, and that is why I am starting this petition. 

3) We live in a police state and our civil rights and liberties have only been further infringed under the coalition government. We the people fear our government, our government does not fear we the people. Iceland's non violent (which lacked any media coverage) overthrow of it's government is real democracy. Not what we are led to believe is democracy, when Mr Cameron dodges questions left, right and centre in Prime Ministers questions and gives indirect answers on issues which affect peoples lives. Iceland has shown it can be done, a resignation of government where a new constitution is drafted so the people of the said nation can be the ones who decide on economic decisions. I'm not asking for us to go that far, (although that would be the most sensible idea) but I think given the severity of the crisis Great Britain finds itself in, an unelected government who has lost the trust and backing of the country, should at the very least call an early general election. If enough people sign, we can bring about real change. All it takes is one click to make your voice heard. If enough people unite together, if we can get millions of signatures, we no longer need to fear this unjust and cruel set of people who govern us. Call for an early general election.

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