Sooty fan has benefits withdrawn by Theresa Mary May & DWP because gay Epileptic & ill

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Michael Knight

Sooty and Sweep fan has benefits withdrawn by  Theresa Mary May &    David Cameron & the DWP  because his gay & thy don't believe his mentally ill & has a serious heart condition & Epilepsy

Birmingham West Midlands , united Kingdom - March , 1st 2016 - Michael Knight tells how he can no longer provide prizes for Facebook Sooty and Sweep page competitions as benefits are cut & his appeal was denied as the judicial panel & DWP member of staff were homophobic towards him through out his case. Thy all so called him a lair when he presented documentary proof he was in deed ill & telling the truth regarding his medical condition. The Judicial panel failed to acknowledge the medical Notes from his GP & medical letters confirming his medical condition & mental state.  Michael Knight all so sent a letter to David Cameron who still refused to respond to the letter he sent him & even refused to meet Michael Knight to help him sort out the mess his Government has coursed. Michael Knight even tried writing to his local MP RT Hon Caroline Spelman & not even she would assist in his fight. Michael Knight Sooty and Sweep fanatic has been left heartbroken after being forced to withdraw the prises to a Facebook page dedicated to the children’s puppets – because his benefits have been cut by David Cameron & the Department for work and pensions. Michael Knight has all so received threats from people on the Birmingham mail wed site when thy printed the incorrect story in the papers. But the 45-year-old, who suffers from heart problems & mental health & epilepsy, said he had been unable to pay for the rewards since his Disability Living Allowance of £290 was withdrawn following an assessment That Capita got all wrong as thy did a incorrect assessment & called the gay lad a lair. Michael, who lives in Chelmsley Wood with his husband Michael Hazlett, has been a fan of the TV puppets since he was a child. He owns over a dozen puppets from the show and claimed the page, which has 2,909 likes is now forced to stop the free prises he freely bought so fellow fans could enjoy a free prise that Michael Knight wanted to provide of his own back & he even got bad press because he was giving free prises out. He said: “Sooty and Sweep is my life. As soon as I saw Matthew Corbett perform with Sooty and Sweep on TV while growing up as a kid I was smitten. “I have collected over a dozen puppets over the years. “I have met Richard Cadell (the current presenter) and he is a fantastic bloke. He has even provided prizes for our Facebook site in the past by getting them donated for free by a local super market. Michael Knight has even asked Richard Cadell if he could have little cousin Scampi in his own box so he could go around schools promoting The Sooty show for him but as of yet his still waiting on a response from Richard Cadell Who Michael Knight adores. Even the local press got the story totally wrong as Michael Knight dose not pay for the prises he explained to us that thanks to a local super market Kindly donating free prize's for the page  it is one thing that he dose not have to worry about. “I received a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions saying that, following an assessment, I have now lost my allowance. It has left money so tight Michael Knight has now considered suicide as he can not take there harassment no more he even tried to contact the Jeremy Kyle show as he watch's the show every day & has always wanted to meet Jeremy Kyle. Michael Knight paid for prizes for visitors to the social media appreciation page who won competitions that were run there. Sooty was first created by Harry Corbett in 1948 and has been on TV since the 1950’s and, according to Guinness World Records, is the longest-running children’s programme in the UK. Harry’s son Matthew took over in 1976 and he continued running programmes on TV until 1992. Richard Cadell bought the rights to Sooty in 2008 and since then Sooty’s Big Day Out was released on DVD. A new 26-part series is currently airing on CITV and is set in a holiday camp with Richard Cadell as the caretaker. The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has been replaced by Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) as part of the government’s welfare reforms. The government claims PIPs will target resources more effectively towards those who need it most. But Disability charity Scope have concerns and say hundreds of thousands of people living with disabilities are now missing out on much needed benefits as the Government are allowing illegal immigrants in to the country & giving them hand out's there all so allowing people who claim benefits & take drugs to claim benefits as well & the government wont even ban legal highs witch kill innocent kids who don't no what is in them as there more interested in lining there own pockets than helping the British public. David Cameron even scraped a British Icon HMS ark Royal & sold the QE2 witch could have been used top help out this country out. letter Michael Knight informed us he has sent to David Cameron who refused to help him & even meet him we think David Cameron is scared as Michael Knight was about to revel a secret during the election & David Cameron blocked him on twitter.
                                This is the letter that Michael Knight sent to David Cameron
Dear David Cameron Please for give this letter but I’m getting no money thanks to the way I was treated & I’m one who deserves the benefits I was claiming I’m having to fight it my Appeal came up this September & my appeal was refused & I’m having to fight it again I’ve been sending sick notes to the DWP I’ve provided all the correct information & I’ve been honest but this so called panel were homophobic & the doctor did not no any think about my condition all so thy were informed that I’ve got up coming appointments regarding my epilepsy & the incontinence I suffer from but thy call me a lair & I found out that a member of staff from the DWP who was at my appeal had told a pack of lies & all so stayed in the room after I left & told the appeal panel to refuse my claim I’ve had no money since January of this year & dole scroungers & benefit cheats are getting Money & innocent people like my self get nothing what so ever & all of this is making problems for me I’m having to seek help as I have mental health issues as I just want to commit suicide as I can’t cope any more with what is happening & I no my car is alive & I will prove it one day & as you no I am on medicating for my mental issues this is being revised as I’m under the Mental health service thanks to every think that has gone on in my life& with the way are Government has treated me & the Birmingham Mail getting the Story thy did on me all wrong when all I want is to get my money back & get the correct story in to the press & I can’t take it any more all I want to do is commit suicide as what else is there for me the government has taken my benefits from me it’s allowed the DWP & Capita to tell lies& let thousands of innocent people loos out on benefits thy deserve & what’s are government done about it nothing it allows this to happen & put people like me in a state because the MP’s & Government do not care so I ask why should I live in a country that dose all this takes money of innocent people like me. I need to expose Capita that works for the Department for Work and pensions as Capita have no Idea how to del with a persons claim & medical issues & I aim to make shore thy are exposed for telling lies when people have to make a claim to get there benefits back you see Capita are not doing there job right there fixing it so any one who has to make a claim dose not get there money back & loads of innocent people like me are missing out your person who decided to change the benefit system dose not no what there doing the guy who dose the budget dose not no what his doing you need some one who has been on benefits no how the system works & no’s how the dole scroungers work to sort out the benefits & budget & I no how to sort it all out & are country will be back on top. I’m sorry if I sound rude but this country is going down hill fast Illegal immigrant's need to be booted out of the UK the benefit scroungers need sorting out as thy are filing the system you no this but you don’t know what your doing were as I do you see honest people like me who are telling the truth about there illness are loosing out on benefits thanks to this Government & the benefit scroungers no how to work the system there is a program on TV called benefit cheats you should watch it I did & it made me mad that these people are getting away with it & me I’m being honest & I loos out & am having to fight for my rights as I’ve had no money since January of this year & with me being honest I send in sick notes from my GP I provide proof of my illness & a complete list of the medication I am on & to me this is disgusting that a government I thought I could trust can treat me like this. I’ll be honest with you I’d make a better pry minister in the nest election as you say you want are country to be proud& be able to support it self how can are country do this when the MP’s are out for them self’s & no one has the gut’s to do any think about it I’d put the benefit system right on track & I’d stop the dole scroungers I’d all so stop handing out benefits to people who just don’t want to work I’d take it of those who use there benefits to buy drugs I’ve seen people sign on who turn up in posh cars top of the range phones & hear is me I tell the truth & miss out on benefits al thanks to this so called government. So why should I live in a country like this were for telling the truth I get no benefits I’m better of just committing suicide this why the government saves money. I’m shore you are a wear a person commit suicide as the DWP took his benefits from him that he deserves. I’m hoping you can help me please I just don’t know what to do as my appeal should not have been refused & I’m having to fight it all over again & I’ve had no money since January of last year & I can’t take it no more the appeal process takes to long I send in sick notes from my GP I send in any information that is needed & yet I still get called a lair& miss out on benefits thanks to this Government & DWP taking benefits of innocent people like me who deserve it. Any way I hope you an help me please& I ask that you David Cameron deal with it please as if you are the man I think you are you will step in & resolve this issue regarding my benefits as if not I’m better of dead as I can’t cope any more my mental state is getting worse I’m getting to a stage were I just don’t care any more & I’m giving up on life & I all so suffer with incontinence as well. I’ve kept a copy of this letter & will if need be send it to the press as I feel that it may be my only why of getting help so I ask I’m begging you for your help please yours a Epileptic 45 year old Lad Michael Knight who has had enough of no one helping me not even the press want to no so I beg you please help me as I think me seeing you to talk about this may help me as you no you could use this as a press release to help you out & you can do a press conference with me there & if possible sort out a day of for my husband & he will bring me to number ten to see you & this way I can explain every think to you okay please feel free to obtain copies of the paper work the tribunals have on me okay as your find it very interesting even the news paper article the Birmingham mail did on me I got bad press on this thanks to them getting the Story wrong & now I can’t get the truth out there in the main stream press like the Sun as the truth needs to be told & with your help I will be able to do this I would all so one day like to run for number ten as I no the major problems this country need to sort out as if thy don’t thousands will miss out on benefits thanks to the government giving hand outs to the immigrants as this is why thy come over hear thy no thy can get hand outs stop this & this country will be a better place. Any way I’m happy to explain more just please I am begging you please help me don’t let this go as I’ll be honest I would rather Kill my self than live in this country as if my country can not help me then why live in it & be subject to ridicule & poverty as I am right now all because I’m gay. Kind Regards  


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