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Take Action on the Housing Crisis for Teachers, Students and Key Workers

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As the UK housing crisis continues to spiral out of control, teachers and other key workers are being adversely affected. Average rents for a 2 bedroom property in London are now in excess of £1,500 a month, while average house prices have topped £500,000. Recent studies have concluded that many under 35s living in the capital face a lifetime in the private rented sector with no opportunities to save.

Against this backdrop the Conservative government are preparing to further reduce council housing by destroying so-called "sink-estates" and alleviating the crisis by constructing so-called "affordable" starter homes for £450,000 in London.

We call on the government to seriously rethink their strategy and commit themselves to building the 200,000 council homes a year that the country needs. A lifetime of insecure private renting and living one paycheck away from homelessness is not what teachers and other key workers aspire towards. Many have little choice given the current nature of the housing market.

The government's measures will also impact our students, who will be forcibly relocated as their homes are sold off and benefits caps are imposed and severely impact on the education and development of local communities.

We also call for rent controls and truly affordable home ownership schemes set a truly affordable 3.5 times the average local salary. London house prices have increased by over 30% since 2008, key worker salaries have not. Many key workers pay in excess of 60% of their salary in rent and are unable to save for a deposit. Such a situation affects the motivation of teachers to remain in the profession at a time when recruitment and retention is in crisis.

Education workers care deeply about their students and work long hours, weekends and during holidays so that students have an engaging and fulfilling education. We simply ask that the government take action on the housing crisis so that we can live near our schools and have a standard of living that reflects the social wealth we create.

End the housing crisis, decent housing for all.

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