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Support social workers not imprison them

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Child exploitation is very real and very much in the public eye, but it is preventative work not reactive work that is needed to safeguard our children and young people. Placing the fear of imprisonment into the heart of this specialist area of social work will prevent the work being completed as professionals will be motivated by ensuring their own safety rather than that of the child or young person. It is completely correct that all professionals working with children should be held accountable for the safety of children and young people, but where would the blame lay when things go wrong. Life and the actions of others are difficult to predict and this is what professionals are required to do, predict the future based on historical evidence and research. However predictions are just that and not a factual understanding of individuals lives. Children and young people that experience exploitation are coerced and manipulated into secrecy and this aspect alone makes it difficult to identify the extent of the exploitation. Let us educate young people to understand exploitation, let us educate professionals to support these vulnerable young people and to identify aspects and behaviours of exploitation.

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