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Stop Social Services tearing innocent families apart and taking the wrong children

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Children are being taken away by the Local Authority for all the wrong reasons! And I'm some cases, no reason at all! They should be putting the child's best interest at heart. Are they really doing this? The answer is simply NO, they're FAILING. All they seem to do is tear families, INNOCENT families apart, and Social Services seem to find more concerns with Families who are doing their very best for their children etc and they automatically think they have a right to take a child from its mother and father for no reason. Yet what about all the people who take drugs in front of their children. Who drink in front of their children! Who abuse them etc. Think it's disgusting the way the go about things it really is! And what's worse is the fact they get a "BONUS" for every child that is fostered or adopted, to me that's absolutely heartless. Why should they get paid a "bonus" for tearing innocent families apart? They Should be prioritising children and families that are in need AND NEED the local authorities help.
BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT THERES MORE THAN 1,000 children taken by Social Services every month
MORE THAN 100,000 children currently in foster ‘care’
MORE THAN 50 children dying a year, whilst in ‘care’
MORE THAN 10,000 children running away from care and / or go missing
AN AVERAGE OF 200 parents imprisoned a year in the privacy and secrecy of the family courts
All we are asking for is the system to start supporting parents rather than ripping the families apart, this will allow a BETTER country and a BETTER government. This country is supposed to stand for fairness and the care system is not currently showing this, these poor children are suffering as a result!
It is estimated that since the Baby P case the number of children taken by social services has risen by up to 50%, instead of stopping the abusers from keeping their children they have been taking children from innocent parents and innocent families! The social services system takes advantage of these people and even in some cases takes the children illegally, however saying this it’s the children we care about more not us parents ourselves!
Its happening more and more around the U.K alone. So please, help raise awareness and sign the petition

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