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Stop Michael Vick coming to London Oct 2015

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Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for running a "cruel and inhumane" dogfighting ring and lying about it. He was also charged with a drug offence while on bail and held on house arrest. 

Vick and his co-defendants admitted to killing six - eight dogs who did not display sufficiently aggressive traits during the "testing" process (this doesn't include the many more dogs he killed but didn't admit to) 

Several of those dogs were shot; at least two were were hosed down, then electrocuted. Three dogs were hanged, according to a report by the USDA inspector general, "by placing a nylon cord over a 2 x 4 that was nailed to two trees;" three more dogs were drowned "by putting the dogs' heads in a 5 gallon bucket of water."

Vick, with his partner, Quanis Phillips, killed yet another dog "by slamming it to the ground several times before it died, breaking the dog's back or neck." When another of his dogs was disqualified after jumping out of the ring during a fight, Vick had his associate, Purnell Peace, shoot that dog in the head with a .22 caliber pistol.

When federal officers raided Vick's property in 2007, they rescued 53 pit bulls. They also found nine pit bull carcasses, took samples of two skeletal remains, collected spent shell casings, syringes, and "pieces of plywood flooring and dry wall covered with dark stains believed to be canine blood." (Tests later confirmed, yes, the stains were dog blood.)

Other evidence seized from the property included a "rape stand" -- a device to which a female dog was strapped, her head fully restrained, so she could be raped by other dogs without ripping their throats out.


Inviting this kind of person will glorify dog fighting and animal abuse, something the UK does NOT need.

This petition is a show of support in keeping Michael Vick OUT of our country.

Please sign and help to keep Lowlifes out the UK!

Thank you


Picture shows his painfully sad story!


                                                In Loving memory of 

                                                   Georgia,  Lucas

                                               And all the Vicktory dogs 

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