Serious actions need to be done against BULLYING!

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I recently saw a video of two Birmingham girls getting bullied, the video went viral and was seen over 7 million times on Facebook but what happened could be absolutely distressing and humiliating for the girls, they're only 14!!

The girls were ordered to "Get on their knees and repeatedly apologise" and one of the girls was ordered to remove her shoes and socks, A large crowd of boys and girls was recording and laughing at the girls while they were being bullied in the middle of a busy road. Their bags were emptied and  thrown in the middle of the road.

The girls look really distressed and scared during the video and this was completely humiliating and nasty attack, this could happen again if something really serious is NOT done immediately! The bully is forcing the girls to handover their bags and phones and threatens them if they call the police or parents.

Bullying is a behaviour that hurts someone else such as name calling, hitting, pushing or threatening someone, it can happen anywhere at anytime and bullying usually happens at home, school or online and it's repeated for a long period of time which can hurt a child both physically and emotionally.

Bullying can seriously affect a child's health and mental development which can cause distress and self-harm, most children who got bullied believe there's no way they could escape from bullying.

According to NSPCC, almost 45,000 children talked to Childline about bullying last year, 4,500 talked to Childline about online bullying, 1,400 talked about racist bullying and more than 16,000 children are absent from schools due to bullying.

It's really heartbreaking and distressing for a parent to see their child getting bullied and this cannot be tolerated.

If you have any concerns about child abuse of any kind, get in touch with Childline and NSPCC for support and advice and the police if possible. In emergency cases please dial 999 ask for immediate help.

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