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Scrap the "Snoopers Charter"

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As of the 27th May 2015 during the Queens Speech it was announced that a new "Investigatory Powers Bill" would be put forward before parliament, this bill is designed to essentially grant the UK security services access to and retain every UK citizens communication's data through a variety of mediums, I.e. phone, email and Internet browsing history.     

This bill will also require each ISP (Internet Service Provider) to retain records of each customers activity with the aim of making this information available to the UK security services.

The concern over this proposals is far reaching "Andrew Murray, technology law specialist at the London School of Economics co-authors a letter to all MPs urging them to be cautious in increasing surveillance, signed by 37 other academics.  Reference URL   

"Jim Killock, executive director of The Open Rights Group, said: The government is signalling that it wants to press ahead with increased powers of data collection and retention for the police and GCHQ, spying on everyone, whether suspected of a crime or not".  Reference URL

"ISPA warned of the need to properly balance security, privacy, costs to industry and to preserve the UK's reputation as a leading place to do business online. The ISPs also suspect that plans to attack encryption could be on the agenda".   Reference URL

So why have I decided to create this petition?

Quite simply, I don't believe the notion of placing everybody under carte Blanche blanket digital surveillance is acceptable within a democratic country.  I am also concerned this bill would be implemented to attack consumer encryption safeguards which keep every citizens private and personal information safe.  Finally, I am concerned these new proposals will open the door to increased online and real world censorship which will impact the very notion of democracy.   



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