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Referendum or electoral campaigns secured by misinformation to be declared as null & void.

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The success of democracy depends upon the ability of the people to make informed decisions. Without truthful campaigns on all sides, democracy is reduced to little more than a puppet show, with dire and far-reaching consequences.

While neither party covered themselves in glory in this most recent referendum, the Leave campaign peddled what has been described by one of the EU’s leading law experts as ‘dishonesty on an industrial scale’.

Their campaign slogans and promises of £350 million per week going to the NHS and a reduction in immigration, were retracted within hours of securing their win, which was largely based on this and other misinformation.

Campaigns run by deliberately misleading the general public should be an offence and prohibited by law.

We propose the following:

1) If a referendum or electoral campaign is won on the basis of promises, statements, inferences or implied actions that then prove to be untrue, misrepresented, misleading or inaccurate, or if the party has no intention or clear plan for carrying out such actions, the result must be considered null and void. Accurate information must be distributed or overseen by a neutral party and a second referendum or election should be conducted where appropriate, or parliamentary intervention considered.

 2) The EU referendum on June 23rd 2016 should be cast as ‘null and void’ on account of false and misleading representation from the Leave campaign.

 3) All future electoral and referendum campaigns should be held accountable to the truth, as standard.

We shouldn’t need to have to ask for this but clearly we do.

For the sake of democracy and truth, please sign.

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