My daughter Esther want to stay Australia!

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Imagine working hard to serve homeless people as a Christian minister and missionary and father of young family around 20 years in  Australia. 

Now He lived in here more than 6 years with his family for mission work.

Caleb's (Hyunseok) family  deserve to stay in Australia, but because of missing of 28 days limitation. They couldn't apply any visa. First application of ministerial intervention was not referred, Hyunseok applied second time of Ministerial intervention  in order to continue homeless ministry and missionary work.

His daughter Esther  get counseling  due to the fear and stress of leave from Australia but she want to keep the friendly relationship at school.

The family is waiting the result from immigration.  As a consequence, the family will face deportation unless given special consideration by David Coleman MP, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs.

Can you help me send a message to the Immigration Minister by signing and share this petition? Let the minister know that this decent, hardworking family deserves to stay here. What kind of country would deport a family simply missed the 28days of time limitation.  This is not who we are.

Thank you.