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I want to be given a chance with my unborn baby

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So those who know me, know I lost my baby boy to social services in 2014, but not many of you know why, well this is why. 

Social services say I had a very chaotic upbringing, which OK maybe I did, I was sexually abused for 9 years, but a lot of people including social services say i was complicit in the abuse, I was 5 years old when it first happened, how can a 5 year old consent? How can a 5 year old be complicit in sexual abuse? They had 'concerns' that I would harm my son, that I'd hurt him the way I've been hurt. 

They worried that my relationship (at the time) was unstable and that the guy I was with was volatile, violent and there were major concerns that he'd hurt my son, tho maybe not on purpose, I made the mistake of staying with him, Now I'm pregnant again, and I'm begging for a chance, please help me get this to the mp's so I can get a chance to show social services I've changed and my situation has changed. I'm in a stable, good, loving relationship now, and I've had my own flat for over a year, that was another of their worries, that I didn't have suitable housing. I'm desperate for a chance to prove to everyone my situation has changed, and that I could be a good parent. I'm begging for help or support from anyone who can help me, or point me in the right direction! Please <3 thanks in advance for reading.

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