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Grant The People's Republic of Brighton & Hove Independence

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The people of Brighton & Hove are so at odds with your Government's policies towards the sick & the vulnerable, to the arts and the environment, and to education and the NHS, we feel it is no longer tenable for us to remain a part of your 'United' Kingdom. That is to say, we are NOT united. Unlike your Government, we care about people, beyond what they add or subtract from your balance sheet. We don't want people starving and begging on our streets so that you can go and bomb people in other countries, mostly at the behest of the United States.

We don't want you taking money from poor families so that you can give tax breaks to the wealthy. We don't want to have to donate food to the ever increasing number of food banks, to pay for banking 'misdemeanours'. 

We are frankly sick to death, quite literally in some cases, of your mealy-mouthed and empty promises. It is now very clear what you want, and it isn't us! Please release us from your tyranny so that we may continue our lives in peace, free to express ourselves in the arts and music without having to feel guilty that we are bombing people for their oil. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

The people of Brighton & Hove

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