Destroy ISIS.

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I hardly have to justify my stance here.

The aim of this petition is to push the UK government to take direct military action against ISIS. That means not just air strikes, but boots on the ground, and whatever else it takes to make sure that all traces of ISIS are completely eradicated. Obviously it goes without saying that I do mean only ISIS and that every precaution should be taken to ensure no civilian lives are lost, but that's a war crime, and I'm sure the UK government would never ever commit war crimes.

As I'm sure you're aware, the indecisively-named terrorist organisation which I will be referring to as ISIS have plagued the civilized world for several years now, for no other reason than no one has taken the time to dismantle them. The current incarnation of the group formed mainly in the twilight days of former Iraqi president Al-Maliki during the uprising to overthrow him, and quickly gained much support as the go-to Sunni Islamic group for political reform, and in the period of chaos after Maliki's departure, they managed to gain an alarming amount of land and arms, spreading like a cancer across the region. They became a powerful military force, spreading into Syria from the north-east and taking large chunks of rebel held land, slaughtering anyone who disagreed with their insane ideology.

At the time, Syria was already a boiling cauldron of military and political tension, with a full scale civil war in progress between the brutal and animalistic Assad regime and several somewhat unified factions of freedom fighters. Many times, these factions came on the verge of toppling the regime, and yet like a rat Assad managed to remain in power using lies, underhand tactics, and, at one point, illegal chemical weapons, his very existence as a president becoming not only an affront to democracy and rule of law, but to basic humanity.

This quickly became an international Issue, and in 2013 David Cameron called the house of commons to vote on the matter of conducting a series of controlled and planned air strikes against the regime.

I watched the debate live. As a Syrian Sunni Muslim from Homs and as a general human being with a basic and functioning moral compass I was in favour of the toppling of the Assad regime which the international community had up until this point turned an unbelievably blind eye towards. I can still remember sitting on the end of the couch, listening intently to the arguments for and against the strikes, sneering and cursing silently at the ridiculous amount of leniency being shown in the same chamber where just a decade or so ago the decision had been made to charge headfirst into Iraq in the name of some perceived 'Justice'. I remember pacing impatiently from one end of my living room to the other as David Cameron and Ed Milliband exchanged pointless formalities in the name of tradition. But most of all, I remember the sheer frustration I felt, after the best part of 8 hours, when the house finally voted against conducting the strikes.

I believe that it was this point in history that damned the region to become the breeding pit for the disease that is ISIS. Had the strikes gone ahead, then the regime would have been destroyed long before ISIS would have grown as strong as they did. The country would have stabilised to an extent, and ISIS would have never been able to gain a foothold in Syria. They would have stayed in Iraq, where they would've most likely been dealt with by the authorities under the new government, or at worse they would never have had had the strength to grow into the grotesque perverse hate machine that they have become.

So why do I write this now? Because it's become necessary. Following the recent tragedy in France, I believe that the issue has become much more real for everyone in the west. This will not be an isolated incident, and we need to act before we are hit again. I'm generally not in favour of using a tragedy like this to push an idea or agenda, but I personally believe that praying for Paris won't do anything to prevent the next attack, but torching the terrorists just might.

This cancer needs to be eliminated at the source before it can be allowed to spread. I can understand why the self-absorbed and hedonistic Tories would allow a human rights violation to stand from a president who would lick the dirt of their boots to remain in power, but ISIS are a direct threat to all of us in the west. They are more trouble than they could ever be worth, and so they need to be destroyed. We can't make the same mistake we did in 2013. We can't do nothing.

We have now reached a point where we have to attack them before they attack us. Obviously there are certain areas where civilians still reside in ISIS controlled land, and so carpet bombing the entire region might not be the best idea, however the British military is not so primitive and barbaric that this would actually be an issue.

They may never have the power to destroy us completely, but if even one innocent life is lost to their barbarity whilst we possess the power to prevent it yet idly stand by and do nothing, then the blood is on all our hands, and our morals and principles have been destroyed already... And what are we without them?

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