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Death of Vicky Thompson: Stop harming trans prisoners and sack the Prisons Minister.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

We demand an absolute end to placing trans women in male prisons when they have expressed a strong desire not to be or a fear of being incarcerated in mens prisons.

We also demand demand that you sack Andrew Selous MP from his post as prisons minister following the death by suicide of transgender woman Vicky Thompson after she was committed to a male prison. 

A few weeks ago 150,000 people signed a petition to get transgender woman Tara Hudson moved from a male prison to a female one, as a result she was moved and is safe. Yet the prison service has continued with its highly transphobic policy of placing trans women in male prisons, and as a result Vicky Thompson is now dead.

Jane Fae explained about Andrew Selous in PinkNews;

"Selous doesn't have the greatest record on equality issues – whether on trans or general LGBT rights. He opposed equal marriage at every turn. He voted for the retention of Section 28. And his opposition to transgender rights has been every bit as trenchant. According to those involved in 2004's Gender Recognition Act, he fought them every step of the way. In committee, he vexed about trans in changing rooms. In parliamentary debate, he suggested on more than one occasion that being transgender was some sort of lifestyle choice."

The prison service has failed to take account of the existence of trans people and this needs to change. We believe that Andrew Selous MP is ultimately responsible for her death and should be removed before any more trans people die.

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