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David Cameron: Fight corruption & insist UK tax havens reveal company owners

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I'm from the Ukraine and my 6 year old daughter Nonna has haemophilia. She needs medication every few days to stay alive. To keep her alive I have to buy drugs on the black market. We have no other option.

Corrupt Ukranian politicians secretly sold valuable parts of our country to themselves and their friends, hiding the money using shell companies in places like the British Virgin Islands. It left our public services bankrupt - the hospitals have no medication people need, because all the money from state budgets was stolen.

The saddest thing is that my story is not an exception. There are millions of families just like mine affected by the corruption.

London is at the heart of this. When Yanukovych’s regime fell, huge amounts of money stolen from Ukraine was found in bank accounts in London – and it got there via secret companies in the British Virgin Islands. The UK’s tax havens remain the first choice for the corrupt to hide their stolen money. That's why we're calling on the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, to insist that the UK tax havens publish the details of who owns the companies registered there.

Publishing the owners of shell companies will start to expose the people behind this corruption. It's the first step to exposing what is going on.

I met Daria, who spent years investigating how Ukraine’s money, the money I paid in taxes, ended up leaving our country. Together we want to change it. This isn’t JUST a problem with Ukraine, it is a global problem, and it will take a global solution.

On May 12th Cameron is hosting a global Anti-Corruption Summit - it is a chance for him to take action.

Please sign our petition and help us show the world that corruption - like that exposed in the Panama Papers - has real victims.

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