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Change the laws regarding benefits to cancer patients

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Unbelievable is the fact that there is no current standard benefit for people diagnosed and living with cancer who cannot work because they are undergoing treatment for a life threatening illness. Currently the only options that are available are going through a lengthy process to claim PIP (and in most cases being refused it) or being awarded ESA depending on your circumstances you may be awarded contributions based ESA or income related ESA. If you have as you say David Cameron and have 'done the right thing' by working all your life, you will be awarded contributions based ESA because you have paid in enough National Insurance. This means that you are NOT eligible for other benefits including free school dinners for your children. If however you do not have enough NI contributions because you haven't put in enough NI contributions you are entitled to a full range of benefits. There is no difference here whether you have cancer or any other illness which means you cannot work. Cancer is not classed as a disability as standard only in certain circumstances so not everyone is awarded a blue badge which would be an immense help to those traveling to hospitals sometimes up to 3-4 times a week for treatment and appointments and whose designated hospitals do not have concessions on parking fees for cancer patients. People awarded income related ESA can claim back petrol for hospital appointments and parking tickets but those on NI related ESA cannot, again there is no revision on this for those with cancer. There needs to be a separate benefit for those being treated for and living with cancer, a benefit that is awarded instantly without the need for going through lengthy and difficult paperwork which is so hard to fill out and understand when you are going through cancer treatment. Cancer patients need to be treated with care and compassion and deserve a lot more from the government than they currently receive in the way of benefits. Many cancer patients of this country have worked and paid into this system, so when they fall ill and need help it should be given. The benefits system in this country does not make sense. Some cancer patients have applied for benefits and have been told they are not entitled to anything! How can that be fair? How can people that really need help badly be told no when many others receive benefits as standard because they come into certain categories. What I want is a standard benefit available to all cancer patients and a blue badge for minimum one year to cover the many hospital visits for appointments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Is that too much to ask? Why should people who are seriously ill have to worry about a roof over their heads and their financial situation as well as everything else they are going through. David Cameron it is now time for you to do the right thing. THE LAWS NEEDS TO CHANGE NOW!

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