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Call for the Cambridge Candidate Chamali Fernando to stand down

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At a recent meeting organised by "Cambridge Keep Our NHS Public, Tory candidate Chamali Fernando, suggested that certain people diagnosed with mental health illnesses should wear colour coded wristbands to identify their condition. Her reason behind this was to help "professional people" identify individuals and their diagnosis by looking at the colour wristband they are wearing. This is not only degrading, dehumanizing and insulting to those suffering from mental illness, it shows nothing but ignorance towards understanding mental health and breaking the stigma behind it that is still very much an issue. Current Cambridge MP Julian Huppert was quoted as saying "It was a spur of the moment thing" which implies it wasnt a rehearsed speech rather something Ms. Fernando genuinely thought a good idea. This kind of thinking has no place in modern society and especially not in someone who is hoping to be elected as an MP. I can't see any possible justification in allowing Ms Fernando to continue to stand for election after showing such predjudice against the mentally ill, and if allowed to do so, shows a total disregard to the people in this country, who already have to battle against the misunderstanding and ignorance of their mental illness.

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