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Allow poor people to run in UK general elections. Politics shouldn’t only be for the rich!

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My name is Andrew Robertson, I’m the leader of a political party called The Beach Party. We wanted to run in the last general election but weren't allowed because we couldn't raise enough money.

Did you know it costs an independent political party £325,000 just to register if you want a chance to win the majority of seats in Parliament? This is an incredibly effective way to stop poor people entering the political arena, but it’s not democracy. It’s plutocracy.

Politics should be for everybody, not just the rich.

If it was free to stand in the general election we could get more working class people a seat in the House of Commons. This would better represent our society today.

The trouble with having a controlling class of wealthy elite means too many MPs are out of touch and don't get what life is like for those struggling with money. The majority of MPs send their kids to expensive schools and never use public transport. So when it comes to casting votes that help decide how we operate as a society, we often end up with legislation that benefits the rich. Why would they care about selling off our NHS when they can afford private health care?

The government is supposed to represent our society but there currently is a disproportionate number of millionaire MPs as poor people can’t afford to get political.

They may argue there would be too much choice if anyone could enter but this argument is ridiculous. How do you know what sort of music you like because there are millions of bands? Imagine the music you would miss out on today if the breadth of choice was reduced by law, to allow only music made by or funded by rich people.

Democracy doesn't work for the majority of people, if only a rich minority can afford to stand in elections. There are exceptions but the rich have rigged the game so effectively they always win. We can change this, because the poor have the loudest voice and the biggest vote. Let’s use it now and try to make a difference.

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