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Every day, animals are subjected to inhumane, barbaric abuse at the hands of "human" beings. I'm sure you have heard on the news or via social media of such incidences where dogs, kittens, rabbits etc (common household pets) are found dead having been subjected to abuse by their owners. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Animals/pets only want to please their owners, and crave love, attention and care. If a person agrees to be an animals owner, they have a duty of care which should be fulfilled, and, instead, we have cases of the owners brutally abusing these poor innocent creatures. Therefore, I urge you to sign this petition to gain the attention of the government in order to propose an animal abusers register that should be signed by convicted animal abusers. As it stands, today there is nothing to stop an abuser from taking his sanction, moving up the road and then going out to adopt or buy another defenceless creature to abuse. WE CAN CHANGE THIS. We can make them sign a register so every shelter and breeder will have the opportunity to do background checks on who the animal will be going to. I am a student with no significant authority over whether things change, but this is a subject I am extremely passionate about. I cannot stand to see another article regarding a beautiful creature having been in pain at the hands of a "human". Please, I urge you to sign and make a change to the lives of animals!

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