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A third routine Doppler scan available for pregnant women

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I have set this petition up in memory of my daughter Isla. Isla had a very rare form of congenital heart disease which was luckily picked up at the 20 weeks scan so we were prepared for Isla to be admitted to a specialist heart and lung hospital once she was born. Sadly two in every three heart conditions are not picked up in the routine 20 week scan, resulting in stillborn babies and babies dying within hours after birth. If there was a routine Doppler scan at 30-34 weeks this may mean the obstetrician could pick up on complications that where otherwise unnoticed.


A Doppler is a form of ultrasound scan that helps to assess your baby's health. It measures the blood flow in different parts of your baby's body, such as their umbilical cord brain and heart. This helps to show whether they getting all the oxygen and nutrients they need via the placenta.


Heart defects affect 8 in every 1000 live births in the UK approximately 5,000 babies every year in the UK alone are born with a type of congenital heart disease some are minor and some are server. Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect and kills twice as many children as cancer every year. Babies born with congenital heart disease may need their first open heart surgery at just a few hours or days old so early detection is vital! Various procedures are used to help repair the heart to prevent the need for surgery but not enough is being done in the UK to raise awareness of heart problems. Awareness is the key for hope and survival for sufferers and their families as it is often a silent killer.


Every day 17 babies in the UK are born sleeping due to various complications, a routine Doppler scan at 30-34 weeks could help reduce this terrible statistic.


Please help sign this petition to help babies all across the UK to help identify complications and to save these babies lives!!! If we get enough signatures hopefully this will help the government to provide a routine Doppler scan at 30-34 weeks gestation.


You can find out more about Isla’s story at



Thank you.

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