To provide gender neutral services so all victims get help

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To provide gender neutral services so all victims get help

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Smash Devon started this petition to David Cameron, Ministry of justice (Ministry of justice)

As a survivor of sexual abuse spanning 29 years I have been lucky enough to have varying levels of support from services that help women recover from such ordeals. I cant say my life is perfect after such suffering but I can at least be thankful I have had some support.

I have written the following articles on abuse


My brother on the other hand had little support and has had his life destroyed by heroine. There is few services that help the 1/6 men who suffer sexual violence. Most rape crisis centres dont help men eventhough rape has a devastating affect on all. There is I think 2 refuges that provide shelter to the 800,000 men who fall victim to domestic violence. There is no 24 hour helpline for men needing support and advice. We have a government policy regarding violence against women but not the same for violence against men, again presuming its only women who are the victims. While services for women get allocated £40m to support women suffering from domestic violence mens services get just £225k. It is estimated that there are 1.2m women victims and 800,000 male victims. All statistics are a estimate but while on average each woman who suffers get £33 a man gets 27p. Men deserve to receive the same support as women.

I would like to see

Gender neutral campaigns highlighting all can be abused.

A dedicated 24 hour help line for male victims of domestic violence

Refuges for men suffering domestic violence

Training given to police forces on how to best support male victims

Specialised counselling services for male victims of sexual violence

A government policy working towards ending violence against all

AMale victims of domestic violence male rape fund 

We all deserve support when we have been traumatised, not just some.

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This petition had 216 supporters

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