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Make Pulse Oximetry Testing Compulsory in Newborns

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  • 1 in 100 live births are affected by congenital heart defects (CHD).
  • CHD's are the number one birth defect and account for more deaths than all forms of childhood cancers combined.
  • CHD's are treatable, but only if detected early.
  • Every year many infants die from undetected heart defects

Pulse ox testing is a cost-effective (cheaper than a nappy change), non-invasive test that can detect heart defects.

Hospitals already have the required machines and only need invest in the small probes on the end of the finger.

Nurses can perform the test in seconds. Early detection can save thousands in increased public health costs.

In the USA in many states this is already a compulsory screening test in Newborns before they are allowed to leave hospital. Saving thousands of babies lives a year as if not detected early it could be too late.

This test could save the lives of thousands of babies nationwide. 

More information needs to be given to expectant mothers about CHDs as many of us will have only found out about Congeital Heart Defects because we have learnt that our baby has a Heart Defect. Not all of these were picked up on a 20week scan and were undiagnosed untill birth or even until taken home and then rushed back to hospital for emergency surgery. People need to be made more aware of CHD`s and the Pulse Oximetry needs to be made compulsory so that newborns cannot leave the hospital without the most vital organ to keep them alive working properly.

Its time for the UK to take action and Raise awareness of CHD`s and Pulse Oximetry in Newborns. 

This needs to be a compulsory screening test in all babies.

Sign this petition to make this happen please share this and encourage people to sign to help raise awareness.

Thousands of Newborn lives a year could be saved by your Signiture. 

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